1.1 Background of the Problem

It is known that English is an International language which has been received by countries all over the world. The function of it as a means of communication in meeting business or other activities among government over the world. Beside that English is used at science of knowledge, new invention in field of modern technology, pharmaceutical, medical, etc.

As a developing country, Indonesia really needs English because Indonesia government is trying to improve all aspects which are usually faced by all countries. One of these aspects is education, which is essential. As an English teacher to be the writer focuses her attention to the teaching English as the language of the world.

In Indonesia, English is learnt and taught to junior high school, Senior high school even at university. English means that something important for the student to be taught at school based on situation and condition of the object area. But there are some problems that faced by the students. It is realized that most students get bad mark. So, it proves that English is really difficult for the students. There are four skills in learning English they are listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Speaking is very important because speaking and human being cannot be separated from each other. Speaking is used to express their ideas and to communicate to people in civilized world. That is way speaking is important. But the students of SMK or graduated of it still get hard to be a good speaker. The problems are:

First, the students feel ashamed and afraid to speak English, so they never practice and use target language and use target language and they always use mother tongue in the classroom.

Second, for the teacher, they did not use variety of teaching such as visual aids. The teacher has to motivate the students to learn English in the class, and create the method of teaching. So the students will feel relaxed, and freely in using English in the classroom. The teacher must make afford to understand the material well. In learning English, The students are expected to reach four skills. Among those, speaking is the most difficult to master.

Teaching speaking can be done through dialogues, picture, games, etc. The teacher should choose a suitable ways such as: using games. If the teacher uses it, the students the students will have a lot of opportunity to practice pronunciation and communication or in other words it means that the students will get knowledge or input from games. Games which introduced to the students are Domino Instruction, What do I need? Sweet Reason, Dream sequences.

1.2. Problem of the Study

After analyzing what the writer discussed in the problems above, the following step is to make of the study problems. The writer tries to formulate what she wants, in order to achieve the target. Based on the problem above can be formulated as follow:

1. Is there any relationship between games activities and improving the speaking ability to the second year of the students SMK Brawijaya?

2. How is reaction of students after given the material using games?

3. What kind of games activities should be used?

1.3. Purpose of the Research

Each research must have purpose, it depends on the topic, which carries out, consist of:

  1. The writer wants to describe and analyze whether games are suitable to improve the speaking ability at the second year of the students at SMK Brawijaya.
  2. The writer wants to describe and analyze whether games can give students encourage to learn speaking.

1.4. Significance of the Study

The research is used for:

  1. The writer: to fulfill the participle program of the studying at IKIP BUDI UTOMO MALANG, one of requirement of which is to write a script in order to get Strata one Degree in English studies.
  2. The students: this research can be used to increase the student English achievement.
  3. The teacher: this research can be used as an item to enrich the inventory of English library.

1.5. Limitation of the Study

To avoid misunderstanding to estimate what the writer has explained, the writer will give object, ones will arrange the thesis organize each problem more easily. The focuses more intensively on the problem that have been planned in this in this research. The writer will discuss:

  1. Among the four skills, the writer teaches speaking only.
  2. The writer uses games in teaching speaking.
  3. Games which introduction are Domino Instruction, what do I need? , Sweet Reason and dream sequences.

1.6. Definition of Key Term

The writer includes some definition of key term to support the readers understanding this thesis easily. They are as follow:

  1. Teaching is the action to organize something which has contact with learning, so created the situation than can motivate the students to study effectively.
  2. Speaking is to express taught a loud using the voice or talk.
  3. Game is activity in the classroom with rules a goal and element of fun.