A Study On Teaching English Using Games To The Ninth Year Students Of SMPN 3 Pare-Kediri In 2007-


A Study on the Teaching of English Speaking Using Games To the ninth Year Students of SMPN 3 PARE-KEDIRI. Thesis. Institute of Teaching Training and Education BUDI UTOMO MALANG.

Key words: A teaching speaking, reading comprehension, the ninth year students of SMPN 3 PARE-KEDIRI

As developing country, Indonesia really needs English and government is trying to improve all aspect which usually faced by all countries. One of those aspects is education, which is essential. The writer as an English teacher to be, has to focus attention to the teaching English as international language.
There are four skills in learning English, they are listening, speaking, reading and writing. Among those speaking is difficult to master.
Teaching Speaking can be done through games. Kind of games which introduced are Domino Instruction, Sweet reason, What do I need?, and Dream sequences.
The use of Domino Instruction are the first player begins by choosing a card marked (*) and laying it on the table giving an instruction, for example, first, fill the kettle. If player 2 has the picture card showing the next player does not have the next card in the sequence, the turn passes to player 3. If player 2 lays down the wrong card (stage 3 or 4, instead the stage 2). He/she may be challenged by the player with the real stage2. Player 2 must then back his/her card and the turn passes to the player with the real stage 2.
The use of Sweet Reason are Player 1 chooses C card from the cards he/she holds and reads it out, for example I lit the fire … Any other players can complete the sentence with suitable R card for example… because it was cold.
The use of what do I need? Are place the card faced down in a pale on the table. Send one person out of the room. Take the top card off the pile and look at it. Ask the students to return. He/she must guess what activity is pictured on the card by asking what things are useful or necessary for that activity. The other player must answer his/her question.
The use of dream sequences are the first player chooses any card and lays it down on the table, describing the first event in the dream, for example, I found my self in a garden with huge flowers.
The result of the study of teaching speaking using games were the students got chance to use oral language, by doing the games the students feel relaxed, free and confident in learning English in the classroom. The arising problems during the activities are situation in the classroom was very noisy and crowded. The students’ pronunciation and structure was poor. But the writer could overcome well.
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