1.1. Background

Nowadays English is almost used in all over the world, it is used as the first or second language in Indonesia. English as a foreign language has been introduced since junior high school. This fat shows us the importance of the language.

At junior high school the aims of study it, that give the student have same skill in reading, speaking, listening, and writing (curriculum, 1994) but students are hoped to be able to communicate with with native speaker or people who can use English in their activities, in school the student are expected to use English actively in vocation filed, many students of enthusiastically are selfishly or thought materials mechanical way.

They were boot helped with aids or certain conversation aids that can help them to understanding the lesson , easily so the will be stick for a long time in their mind.

In relation to the statement above it seems that the teachers have to work hard in conversation process. She/he should take the best approach, method, and techniques before presenting materials in the classroom.

The teacher should use media in this reaching and learning presentation. In the classroom because first media can help student relating abstraction to the realization and the some thing said or head, they become real and have meaning, second the teacher frequently does not explain the lesson early so that they are not well understand in a class. A picture, a model all students upon the item an proved a measure if common understanding, third motivation and retention of learning more read achieved, enthusiast an interest can be effectively risen and maintained by supping life, color and varieties of picture fourth certainly one of the most importance media us that ability to provide student experience and learning which they would probably not receive other wise.

1.2. Statement of Problem

The problem that will be answered is stated in a research question which reads ”is there any effect of contextual instruction with cooperative approach in increasing the students conversation ability ?

1.3. Purpose of Writing

The purpose of this study is to find out the effect of contextual instruction with cooperative approach in increasing the students conversation ability.

1.4. The Hypothesis of Study

Based on the problem of this study, the writer sets the following hypothesis. The hypothesis is there is effectivity of contextual instruction with cooperative approach in increasing the students conversation ability.

However, for the sake of the the statistical analysis, she changes the above hypothesis into null hypothesis (Ho) which read There is no effectivity of contextual instruction with cooperative approach in increasing the students conversation ability

1.5. Significance of Writing

The writer hopes that the result of the investigation will be able to help:

1. teacher in developing his teaching learning process.

2. to invite people who are interested in conducting further investigation on the same way.

3. to inform the English teacher to adapt the method of teaching conversation English in this school.

1.6. The Scope of Study

In this research, it is impossible for the writer to take the whole units materials thought in the first years because of limited time and chance, in order to reduce explanation, the writer limits the scope of the study.

Students of MTs DI PI Kediri, on the first years the student will be included in this investigation consist of four class used study in situational materials in which can find out.

The realia used in this study in situational materials in which the student can find out the true used by teacher in teaching conversation and learning in the class room and at last the teacher hopes that the student be accustomed to express their idea according to any medias the see a any place.

1.7. The Definition of Key Terms

To understand this thesis comprehensively, following are the meaning or the definition of key world used in this thesis:

1. Effect: is result which is produced by something and in this case the effect means produced by English. Approach with conversation the student speaking ability at first years/ NH Kediri.

2. Conversation speaking is communicating of high school at the first class in NH.

3. Effect approach speaking : is effect speaking which student ability at the first school NH Kediri.

4. Approach: is a many speaking with the pupils or foreign many kind will can be used by the teacher to make the students interest in learning English.

5. Students conversation ability this is something related with the student capability in speaking English included students ability in how to expressing their own words and feeling etc.

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